The Dragon March

Here’s the Dragon March – the piece we’ll all be collaborating on!

The Dragon March is a piece specifically aimed at learners. There’ll be parts for every level – but in order to ensure there’s one perfect for your children please submit the below form. If you have a keyboard at home (or on a tablet/iPad) but no formal music skills there’ll be parts with note names and colour notes notation. No instruments? Marches need lots of percussion! Whether you have drums, shakers or just pots and pans, there’ll be something you can play! However, I’ll need to know what you’re intending on playing so I can ensure there’s a part prepared for everyone.

To join in, you’ll need to fill in the below form. I’ll need to know:

  • Who wants to join in, and roughly what level they are (so I can ensure I’ve got a part for your instrument, in the right key and the right sort of level!),
  • Some information about teachers if applicable (so I can double check levels!)
  • How I can get in touch with you

Parts will be shared in a few days on Dropbox!

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