Welcome to the Dragon Music website. This has been set up to be a central (non social media) point for information about Dragon Music projects. Please use the menu above to find out more.

Dragon Music – aimed at primary music makers in particular – is a chance for us all to play some music together. Just like an open access band/orchestra (one where all levels of music makers can join in), we’ll all learn different parts of the same piece and then send in recordings which will be stitched together. There’ll be a part for everyone, whether you learn an instrument, are self taught, or don’t formally learn anything but simply love music!

The Dragon March is a piece specifically aimed at learners. There’ll be parts for every level – but in order to ensure there’s one perfect for your children please submit the below form. If you have a keyboard at home (or on a tablet/iPad) but no formal music skills there’ll be parts with note names and colour notes notation. No instruments? Marches need lots of percussion! Whether you have drums, shakers or just pots and pans, there’ll be something you can play!

The form to tell me what instrument(s) you’d like to play is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf6scidMMsjWEGTUymxOtwJ1ewcGiM8RWDBy2jY9kPTJ5LKxA/viewform

Head to the News page to listen to the Dragon March, or there’s a page about the project and for any frequently asked questions.

You can also check the project’s Facebook page for more information.